natural home remedies for acne

natural home remedies for acne

Acne is a kind of skin infection that results from changes in sebaceous glands. It is characterized by appearance of papules, infected pustules and cysts which appears on the pores of infected skin. There are various options of treating acne ranging from drugs to natural home remedies. Most of the drugs used to treat acne may cause skin irritation and reddening due to the harsh ingredients they contain. The following are the best natural home remedies for acne.

One of the best home remedies for acne is baking soda. baking soda easily removes dead skin cells from the pores which might be holding impurities. baking soda will also help to kill the bacteria which cause acne. being a gentle exfoliate, it is very easy to use on the skin. When applying, take one table spoon full of baking soda and mix it well with an equal volume of water. ensure that they are well mixed before pasting the mixture on the infected moistened skin. after massaging the paste on the infected skin for one minute, rinse the skin using clean water.

Calamine lotion is also used to treat acne infection. For a long time, calamine lotion has been used to treat itching, irritation caused by chicken pox, and burns. When calamine lotion is applied on the skin infected with acne, it helps to dry the acne off and the infected skin eventually peels off. Apply the lotion right on top of the spots and let it stand there over the night. Rinse the skin in the morning. after a short time, the spots will fade and acne will go away too.

Another popular home remedy for acne is tea tree oil. These oils help to eradicate acne within a very short time. It does not cause reddening of skin and nor does it make the skin to peel. When applying this oil, dilute it with a small|little amount of water. This can be achieved by dipping a piece of cotton wool into this oil and then dipping it again in water. You should then dab the cotton wool onto the acne spots. Tree plant oil can be applied several times in a day and after a short time you will observe that the acne spots have faded completely.

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